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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Best Drag and Drop Responsive Web Builder Software

          Yes, I said drag and drop and responsive in the same sentence! I have just finished re-designing our company website into a responsive site so that it is mobile friendly and I have to say that I would not have been able to do this were it not for the software WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.
     Back in 2010 I did purchase WYSIWYG Web Builder 6 to build our site with and loved it but with the dawn of the mobile era I had to upgrade our site to be mobile friendly. I researched on how to make a web site mobile friendly and was finding it to be a daunting task until I discovered that my favorite program could build responsive sites!
       I am not a very techno person, I do not understand coding or most of what it takes to create a functional web site, but with WYSIWYG Web Builder 10 it does the coding for you. I have to also mention that just because it is so easy to use does not mean that it is not packed with features. This program is packed with features and gadgets that you can add to your web site during the building of it, most of those features I do not even know what they do.
      So to sum it up if you need to build your own website without having to sign up to one of those online places that have templates and limit you on what you can do then try this software. I'll put it this way, I tried Word Press because it was included in my hosting package and I was totally lost in it, I could not figure out how to use Word Press. During  my research I found information that Word Press was the easiest to use for beginners but I guess I am lower than a beginner because I couldn't do it!
      Check out our newly designed responsive website here: Walls That Talk 

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