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Friday, April 6, 2012

Looking for my Prince

While I was searching for a frog related item for our ESN weekly scavenger hunt blog topic, I kept thinking of a Princess in search of her Prince and if she could find a frog to kiss we would both be happy. Even though my travels thru the items for sale from fellow eCrater store owners did not produce many frogs I did stumble upon this so cute Irish Princess T-Shirt for sale from Embroidery Fashions Boutique

Embroidery Fashion Boutique has so many custom embroidered designs that are done so beautifully it is hard to pick a favorite but I'm sure you can find something in their store that will be perfect for you! As for the Irish Princess kissing a frog, perhaps this one will have to kiss a blarney stone and hope for the best!


  1. A clever combo with Irish princess kissing frog! Cool!

  2. Cute take on the subject! There just aren't many frogs out there.

  3. Cute shirt, cute blog! Excellent :D