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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday Decorating with Vinyl Wall Lettering

Vinyl Wall Lettering and Wall Quotes are not limited to just walls for your home decorating. You can make some really beautiful holiday decorations using self adhesive vinyl. Be sure to check out the ideas below for your holiday decorating as well as a few gift giving ideas!

Lighted Glass Blocks
Have you seen those clear glass blocks at all the hobby stores? They have a hole that you can slide a sting of Christmas lights inside. Apply a holiday design or quote to the glass and the light will shine thru. What a great way to lighten up a dark corner and bring in some Christmas sparkle!

Vinyl Lettering in Picture Frames
Want to re-use your favorite Christmas design or quote year after year. Try applying your vinyl lettering to the glass in a picture frame, remove all of the backing so that your wall shows thru and add a bow. Now you have a beautiful decoration to use year after year as well as a wonderful gift for that special loved one!

Vinyl Lettering applied to Mirrors
These mirrors have lovely holiday quotes applied to them. They would look really beautiful on a mantel surrounded by lots of candles, the candle light catching in the mirror is a delightful added touch to the Christmas ambiance. They make excellent gifts for friends and family as well since they are already applied to a mirror you don’t have to worry about applying them to a wall!

*The photograph of the mirrors shown here do not do them justice, they are much more stunning in person.

See More Mirrors Here

Don’t forget to decorate the Bathroom!
Here’s a great assortment of self adhesive vinyl snowflakes. Imagine apply these on your bathroom mirror, apply some snowflakes along the top of the mirror and then flow them down the sides of the mirror to look like falling snowflakes. It would be stunning in a silver or gold and very snowy looking in white vinyl!

Found Assorted Snowflakes Here

Glass Jars
Do you like to give homemade goodies to friends and family at Christmas? Vinyl Lettering is a perfect way to personalize the container that you have placed your mouthwatering concoctions in, not only does your recipient get the yummies they get a keepsake container!

This is just a small sampling of Holiday Decorating ideas using self adhesive vinyl lettering. Get creative!!! Remember that the vinyl lettering will stick to most all hard smooth surfaces, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal and painted wood to mention a few. A walk thru a home “do it yourself” store is an excellent place to look for other surfaces to apply the lettering to, for example floor tiles, smooth wall panels, ceramic tiles and shower doors to name a few.


  1. Those are wonderful, creative ideas for decorating. I've been wanting one of your vinyl wall quotes for church at Christmas but couldn't figure out how to incorporate it to make it re-usable. Thanks!

  2. I really like the lighted blocks! What a great idea.