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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thinking Outside the Box with Vinyl Wall Lettering

           Die cut vinyl wall lettering and graphics are not just for home interior painted walls. With so many quotes being very motivational and inspiring it is not surprising that vinyl wall lettering has become a great solution for decorating your office or working spaces.
        Speaking of decorating office spaces take a look at the artistic ways that Michael E. Schoonover used vinyl lettering and posters to decorate the office space where he works. I think he did an excellent job at thinking outside the box to achieve these effects and I'm not the only one to think so since he mentioned that his boss loved what he was doing and decided he needed to decorate some more offices around the campus! Way to go Michael!
      First off he ordered this motivational Attitude wall quote in a huge size. I think the large size just seems to get the message across in volumes and I would think that an employee would carry that thought with them the whole day since, because of the size, it is hardly overlooked when stepping into the office.

        Next we have his Star Wars themed wall décor. I just love how he cut out the Yoda poster, made it 3D and then added the staggered wall lettering beside it. On the Princess Lea poster he actually applied the vinyl lettering to the poster. It may be hard to see in this picture but he went with black lettering in the upper right corner because he was wanting a very subtle effect and he said it is working great that way.

       Now for my favorite, of course I am a hopeless romantic so no wonder I would love this one. Again Michael applied the vinyl lettering directly to the poster and made the poster 3D to give it a bit of a painted canvas look I think. The poster chosen and the quote go so perfectly together, love the combination! 

       A big Thank You Michael for letting us be a small part in the creation of these pieces and also for sharing the finished photos with us. Great job!

      I know I'm already shopping for posters to make some of these for my home, already got my mind thinking of a wooded forest path poster with “The Road Not Taken” poem on it.


  1. Thank You so much for sharing these creations of mine! You are absolutely right - I get glowing comments almost everyday from faculty, staff and especially students who drop by our IT Office.
    My intent was to "liven-up" the place and make it more inviting for those who might drop by, and thanks to YOUR help, that is most certainly has! And as you might imagine, I already have several more ideas spinning in my head for the few wall-spaces still vacant, so keep those presses running hot and ready!

    Peace, Love and Joy,
    or maybe one or two
    of the above,
    if it is not
    2 much
    2 ask!

    Mik ;~)}

  2. How awesome when one can inspire creativity in others! Way to go TStorm!