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Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's a Pirate's Treasure for your Bath

      We just launched a new theme of luxury bath products in our Etsy shop, Sierra Rain! I found these cute treasure chest favor boxes and thought it would be really awesome to make some gold coins, like the old candy chocolate coins, to put in them so therefore the Bath Coin Melts were born. Our Gold Coin Bath Melts are filled with luxurious cocoa and shea butter as well as coconut oil and baking soda for their skin soothing properties and citric acid to give it a fun fizzy as the butters are melting in your bath. We make them unscented for 100% Natural goodness although we do have many fragrance oils if you wish to get a scent added.

      Naturally I couldn't stop just at the gold coins when I found a mold that makes jewels, after all a pirate's treasure chest would not be complete with out fancy gems and jewels in it! For the Bath Jewels I used Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt along with Cocoa butter and Coconut oil to give the gems a rock candy look. These little jewels will leave your skin baby soft! Again, you can request a scent if you wish, I like wonderfully scented baths but I do know some people have sensitive skin and prefer the 100% Natural ingredients.

Be sure to stop by our shop, Sierra Rain, as I'm always trying new things to add to our product line. Next in line for sale is Bath Bombs, I made some the other day to see if I could and they are super fun to use in the bath! I had never tried one before and was pleasantly surprised that it worked on my itchy back, it naturally has baking soda and I added oat flour and milk powders to it - awesome!

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