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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reading is good for your Soul

    Our scavenger hunt topic this week is reading. My husband and I both read a lot and always have since we were kids. I can remember one of my first favorite books was a Bobbsey Twins mystery book which is a vast difference from the series that I'm currently reading, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Oh yes that is a huge leap from mystery books but it never hurts to explore new genres and if you don't explore you never know what you are missing.

We have a great vinyl wall quote that I think 
sums up the feelings of any avid reader:

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  1. I read a lot also. Like the quote - Woman without a book - right now that's me. I am in between books.

  2. That saying is so true. There's nothing better than walking into a room full of books and thinking of all the treasures waiting!

  3. What a true comment. I remember my Mom saying, If you miss Barbara just look in a corner she is curled up with a book. I read everything even the backs of cereal boxes.

  4. I can't imagine the world without books, or not being able to read. I have gotten so much pleasure from books, and it is so rewarding to teach someone to read or to read better.

  5. I love reading as well, I'll read most anything. Right now I'm reading "Mouthing the Words" by Camilla Gibb. Sad and funny all at the same time.