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Monday, January 16, 2012

Vinyl Wall Art

    So many people are starting to decorate their homes with vinyl wall lettering by picking out quotes that personalize their space but there is also an alternative to getting just lettering, you can also get graphics in vinyl. Being able to put almost anything on your wall and have it look like it is painted on your wall opens up an abundance of opportunities to decorate and personalize your space! Take for example our Vinyl Wall Daisy Art found at our store Walls That Talk, it gives the illusion that it is sitting on the top of the table when it is really installed on the wall. Just imagine all the cute and fun things you can do with vinyl wall graphics, have a cat peeking from behind the couch, frogs hopping on the bathtub, a tree bent over blowing leaves across your wall,,,well the possibilities are endless!


  1. Oh, just imagine the possibilities! Great ideas,good blog!

  2. You have so many choices. My family loved the Christmas themed one I purchased.