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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Think Outside the Box

    With Valentine's Day fast approaching my mind is full of romance, love and weddings. I always wanted a Valentine Day wedding but it never worked out that way, what can I say but that I'm a true romantic. Since my mindset at the moment is romance I'm thinking of one of our wall quotes that is perfect for any romantic occasion! Two Hearts by John Keats can be found in our store, Walls That Talk.

Now where you can think outside the box, vinyl wall lettering is not just for walls! You can apply the vinyl to any flat, hard, smooth surface and it looks stunning on glass or mirrors! Take for example the items in the picture below, you can see it applied to a piece of clear glass in the background, such as a glass found in a picture frame, or you can also see how great it looks on the mirror! 

 Be creative! Need a great gift idea for a wedding, then find a beautiful, one of a kind picture frame and get a vinyl wall quote in white to go on the glass but leave off the cardboard and or paper backing from the frame and you get a sun catcher effect as seen in the clear glass above! If you have a print that you might want in the frame then get the lettering black to go on the glass in front of the frame as seen in the examples below.

 All of our designs can be enlarged or decreased in size and we do custom work as well. If you need any help with a design idea or a project you want to use vinyl lettering for please contact us and we will help you with the possibility of using vinyl for your project! Designs customized to meet your imagination!
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  1. You really have some nice ideas for using those designs! All your samples look lovely!

  2. Absolutely love your vinyl wall quotes. And thanks for some unique suggestions on ways to use them.

  3. The quotes are beautiful but you are so creative with them as well. They would make very special, one-of-a-kind gifts :D