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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Give Thanks with Vinyl Wall Lettering

     This week our scavenger hunt at Ecrater Store Network is about Home Cooked Meals.
      I'm thinking a great way to enjoy every home cooked meal is to not forget to give thanks for having the family and friends to make the meal, thanks for the hard working members of your family that provide the ingredients to cook and thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to all come together to share the meal. We have a vinyl wall quote at our ecrater store, Walls That Talk, that would not only be a beautiful addition to your dining room, but would also be a reminder to be thankful every day.


  1. what a great quote. A wonderful reminder that we should be thankful on a daily basis and not just once a year and to whom we should be giving our thanks.

  2. This is an absolutely beautiful wall quote! It would also work great in a church as well as at home.

  3. What an appropriate blog for the season. We must always be thankful and have so many things and people in our life to be thankful for.