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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Play Dress-Up!

     This week for our scavenger hunt at Ecrater Store Network our theme is Dress-Up. Do you remember raiding your Mom's closet and jewelry box for a fun filled afternoon of dress up? I sure do, I always had to try on so many things to get the right look,,,,hummmm, that sounds exactly like what I do now as an adult. I guess it's true, you never grow up! Our Vinyl Wall Quote Enjoy The Little Things reminds me of those childhood dress up days. 

      I searched the Ecrater Store Network to see what I could find from fellow eCrater sellers and found the following items that are sure to be a wonderful addition to your own wardrobe. Maybe your little daughter or granddaughter will enjoy playing dress up with them!

1985 Avon Pink Sparkle Necklace from Carolina Blue Lady 

Icon Bijoux Yellow Link Enamel Stacker Ring from Barbs Bargains

Be sure to check out these, as well as many other items, on the eCraterStore Network website. We welcome all shoppers and eCrater Store owners to join!

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  1. This was a fabulous post! Great job linking the wall quote to the items featured :D