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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Still Decorating with Vinyl Wall Lettering

I've been working on decorating our new place for awhile now. It seems like once I get started on one track then I get derailed and find another track to explore. I did get the kitchen vinyl wall decal all installed! I went with the Seasoned with Love design in silver for a wall in my kitchen. I really wanted it above my stove but it was too tall for that area. Now that it's all up and looking good I need something to put my seasonings in since I am going to be cooking with Love. (although after finding out that Hubby chopped up my favorite Indian rug with the hatchet he may not get anything cooked at all) 

Seasoned with Love can be found in our eCrater store Walls That Talk

      I stopped in at Ecrater Store Network to see what the Ecrater store owners are selling today and I found these beautiful Sweet CountryHarvest Avon Salt and Pepper Shakers from Comycgyrl that will look awesome in my new kitchen! (maybe while distracted in admiration of new salt and pepper shakers I'll accidentally use too much pepper while cooking tonight – then I can say “It slipped” too)

I'll quit my rambling here and get back to getting on another track, we found this awesome spray paint that when you use it it looks like stone, you can imagine where I'm going with this, all the garage sale finds that can be spruced up! I also have a project in the works using the stone paint and some vinyl designs so stay tuned to see how it turns out. (sniff – my favorite rug – all slit up – guess he knows what to get me for my birthday now)


  1. What a precious blog! Love the way you tied it all together. Hope he makes it right on your rug. That's a bummer.
    Have fun and keep sharing your decorating adventures with us.

  2. Ha - Joke is on him - it's a nice rug, very thick and thickly woven - $3.00 new looking at a Garage sale - I'm not telling him original cost! (but chopping kindling in the house is now prohibited)