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Friday, September 16, 2011

Salt and Pepper Shakers in Memory of my Grandmother

       This week for our scavenger hunt at Ecrater Store Network the theme is to honor Grandparents. I only knew my Mother's Mother and my Dad's Father, their spouses were already passed by the time I was born, but I remember going to Grandma's house and looking at all her salt and pepper shakers she had. One whole wall in her kitchen was a cabinet filled with salt and pepper shakers. Friends and family would bring her salt and pepper shakers from trips they took so she had sets from all over the world. She tagged them with the place they came from and the people that had given them to her. I of course had my favorites and when she passed away I got some of her collection handed down to me. There are many eCrater sellers at Ecrater Store Network that carry vintage items and most all of them have at least one salt and pepper shaker for sale. Seeing the salt and pepper shakers remind me so much of my Grandmother and if I'm not mistaken she had a set exactly like the toaster salt and pepper shaker below.

Vintage Salt Pepper Set Toaster Bread USA from Bargain Express

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  1. Salt and pepper shakers were such an affordable, easily obtainable and even useful item for so many housewife collector. With so many colorful, unique styles to choose from I'm sure these modern women-of-their-day, got great pleasure with their frivolous items during the Depression era. Great post!

  2. Wonderful story about your grandmother - really enjoyed it. I think because there was a joy in their obtaining these special items and each piece they received was obviously special to them is what makes them special to us. Maybe not so much the object but the memory of what it meant to them is what makes it special to us.
    Thanks for including my salt and pepper.

  3. Very cool post! I like that salt and peppers are also great cross-collection items. The "peas" would be nice additions to collections for gardeners or cooks, too! I appreciate you including my little toaster set :D

  4. An "honorary" Aunt of mine had a huge collection of salt and peppers. I remember giving her salt and pepper sets on various occasions and the fun of looking at all the different sets she had. It was a tall shelf full. Looking back now, I wonder at who dusted all of those little items on open shelves?? Nice blog!