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Monday, September 5, 2011

Decorating our new place

    We have just moved and now I'm faced with all kinds of decorating challenges. We now have a fireplace and even though I probably have a painting that would look great above it I am thinking to install our Mountain Cabin Vinyl Decal above it. We have always thought that design would look awesome above a fireplace so I guess we are going to find out! We plan on making it 5' across and 2' tall so it will be a BIG one! I will have to re-post when we get it up and take a picture but for now here is the design we are thinking of.

We do offer this design for sale in our eCrater store, Walls That Talk.
Vinyl Decal Mountain Cabin Scene
LARGE Vinyl Decal Mountain Cabin Scene

Thanks for stopping by and remember that if you don't see the size or design that you like we do customize!


  1. To me, decorating can be exciting but also scary. I tend to do nothing because I can't decide what to do.
    The Mountain Cabin Scene is a good choice for over the fireplace. Go for large scale,too.

  2. Good luck with decorating. You have so many beautiful designs. I imagine it would be very hard to choose.

  3. I love this! In fact I love all your designs. This one is so peaceful, with a "take me away feeling" that would soothe stress away, even as your imagination ran wild.