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Monday, August 1, 2011

Great Block Party Ideas

This week for our scavenger hunt at Ecrater Store Network our theme is Summer Block Party. Now I've never been to a block party before but I'm thinking it is something like a huge bar-be-que so I searched the eCrater seller items and found the following items that would be wonderful additions to any party.

Make your table look really nice with this Lintex Cotton Table Cloth from Eccentric Thrifter

I bet there is a scrumptious potato salad recipe in this Potatoes A Special Collection Hardcover Cookbook from Bargain Express

Any party has to have some noise and I bet this Tin Noise Maker from
Comycgyrl will be a perfect party addition

Be sure to check out these, as well as many other items, on the eCrater Store Network website. We welcome all shoppers and eCrater Store owners to join!


  1. Nice Blog! Think those would be good things for any party.

  2. Makes me wish we all lived closer. I'm sure we could have a super block party! Thanks for including me! Great post!

  3. I'm with Linda on this one - we would have so much fun! Thanks so much for including my cookbook in your party plans :)

  4. Ah yes...don't forget the noise makers!! lol...Great post!