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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yellow Rose Porcelain Collector Plate

I grew up in a really small town and ten miles outside of town there was a restaurant named Josie’s Café. Not only did Josie serve the absolute juiciest fresh homemade hamburger in the world, remember I’m a teenager at the time I’m remembering this, she had her restaurant decorated with plates. Every square inch of the walls had a plate on it. There were fancy painted plates, plates from all over the world, fine china plates and pottery plates to name a few. I really didn’t know there could be that many different kinds of plates as well as so many unusual or beautiful designs. Our family even gave her a plate that my sister, who was living in Greece at the time, sent specifically to give to Josie. I really enjoyed going there, not just because of the hamburger, but to look at all the plates. I think the interest that I showed in her collection is what spurned me to be a very small collector and to enjoy looking at and shopping for unique plates for my own enjoyment. When I saw this Yellow Rose Porcelain Collector Plate from Carolina Blue Lady it reminded me of Josie’s Café, it is indeed a very beautiful and unique plate, one that would be a lovely addition to any plate collection. I think she is an avid collector of plates and is sure to have many beautiful items in her eCrater store, Carolina Blue Lady.

Why I don't have a big plate collection, you ask? I admit it is indeed very hard to refrain from purchasing all the beautiful plates I see, or have seen over the years, and while I am fighting the temptation I just ask myself . . . Wow, wonder how long it took Josie to clean all of those plates.


  1. That was a really neat post T Storm! Very interesting to hear a story from the past that relates so well to today! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fascinating glimpse into your history! It's amazing the things that happen as we grow that makes us into the adults we become. Thanks for posting :D